Staying Relevant Is Key In The Construction Industry

From M&E Building services technician to research to the CTO of VisiLean — could you please tell us your story?

Why do you think technology like VisiLean is needed in the Construction Industry?

VisiLean is a Cloud-based product, what made you choose this route over traditional IT? What benefit does it bring?

VisiLean is constantly evolving and adding new features. How do you decide on the direction it will go in?

What were the challenges that Covid 19 posed?

The construction industry is going through some major changes — technology, sustainability etc. Where do you think it will be in 10 years and what part can VisiLean play in this?

If not VisiLean…then?



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VisiLean is a cloud-based construction management service that supports lean production planning and controlled workflow and direct integration with BIM