Solving Real Problems for the Ever-changing Construction Industry

From gaming machine design to VisiLean, could you tell us your story?

How did it all begin — from meeting the other founders to introducing VisiLean in the market — how was the journey — what were the challenges, the hiccups — how did you solve them?

VisiLean is a multi-international company, selling in over 15 countries. What are the challenges with this and how do you overcome them?

You hold patents for machine-readable code systems and mobile applications — could you tell us a bit about them? And how have they helped in coming up with VisiLean as a product?

From big names to start-ups — you have done it all. How has the experience been?

Speaking about adaptability, what would you think was the change Covid 19 brought to the sector?

If not VisiLean, where?

Do you still think of gaming machine designs?



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VisiLean is a cloud-based construction management service that supports lean production planning and controlled workflow and direct integration with BIM