Innovations in Wearable Technology and how they are Transforming the Construction Industry

So, what qualifies as a wearable device in the construction industry?

What are the most beneficial wearable devices in the construction industry?

Visual wearables:

Tactile wearables:

Sensing wearables:

Why Invest in wearable technology?

1) Safety

2) Reduced costs

3) Improved productivity

What are the benefits of wearable devices?

  • Construction projects are generally very complex. There are different stakeholders and timelines in place. Wearable devices help project teams to get more input in terms of visuals. And visuals bring you more clarity and access to information.
  • The safety of the construction crew is greatly enhanced with a wearable device.
  • A smartwatch or a communication device helps make two-way communication easier, thus reducing the time spent.
  • Streamlined data collection and analysis.
  • The scope for collaboration increases manifold.

How do wearable devices tie in with VisiLean?



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