How The Construction Industry Can Use Data Effectively to Maximise Benefits

Allow us to start with some statistics about data mismanagement

What are the sources of Data in the construction industry?

Here’s a list of the main sources of data in the construction industry

  • Design and construction
  • Building management systems
  • Infrastructure and transport systems
  • Procurement
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Maintenance
  • Cost management
  • Resource management

Why is data mismanaged in the construction industry?

Challenge 1: Bad Data

Challenge 2: Lack of data strategy

So, why is data important in the construction industry?

The key benefits of using data effectively are:

  1. Focus on decision making
  2. A common data environment
  3. Flexible visualizations
  4. Workflow integrations

1) Focus on decision making

2) A common data environment

3) Flexible visualizations

4) Organising & managing data

The key benefits of using VisiLean to manage data



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